Free HD Phone Wallpapers And Backgrounds For Mobile 1080×1920

September 14, 2016

Here some free wallpapers for mobile phone in 1080×1920 which is full hd and beautifully colored.
Ive always been about the color and tend not to post a lot of dark cool feeling hd mobile wallpapers unless they
really stand out. Over time you will see what im talking about through my future wallpaper posts. I put up a bit of
abstract imagery as well from time to time as you will see and like neon colors quite a lot if the blend well.

Sharp clean images look best on bigger 1080×1920 screens so if it has a good pattern or complementing colors it usually
makes it onto the blog or main site in some way or another.
hd Phone backgrounds are a passion of mine and have had a big part of my attention for as long as i can remember, after all
that’s what my websites are mostly about. For as long as i can remember i have loved digital images and photography and will
change my cell phones wallpaper regularly to something bright and colorful.

When i really get into it i like to arrange background by category like abstract, color or topic. For example i may make a whole page worth of a particular disney movies images from time to time.

rainbow color reflections hd mobile background1080p mobile wallpaper for phone hd blue abstracthd-watermelon iphone mobile phone wallpaper hd 1080x1920colour splash iphone 6 mobile phone wallpaper hd 1080x1920colours 3d mobile wallpaper hd 1080x1920chrysanthemum flowers hd wallpaper for mobile


More free mobile wallpapers

May 13, 2009

Heres some more of my favourite free mobile wallpapers. I am looking at addind alot more over the next week. I am also looking at getting a new mobile phone due to the wear and tear on the joystick and the charging issues. Peace out.

I made this mobile wallpaper myself a few weeks ago. It looks best on 240x320 screen but still is good on other screen sizes

I made this mobile wallpaper myself a few weeks ago. It looks best on 240x320 screen but still is good on other screen sizes

 Same story here i also made this one but dont know about it. Whats your opinions?

Made by me : )

Made by me : )


Simpsons Mobile Wallpapers Bartsony playstation buttons free mobile wallpaper 240x320Pink purple hearts mobile wallpaper 240x320love heart free mobile wallpaper 240x320

Simpsons Mobile Wallpapers Homer240x320 kitten free mobile wallpapermotorola latest mobile wallpaper 1red ferrari latest free mobile wallpaper 1

Wallpaper Free Phone Wallpapers Mobile Phone Wallpapers Cell Phone Wallpapers

January 5, 2009

Get these free phone wallpapers onto your cell phone by right clicking and saving them to your pc then transfer onto your phone with bluetooth or usb cable. Stay tuned for more free mobile phone wallpapers and cell phone resources. We are open to suggestions to what free cell phone wallpapers to add. So if you know of a good free mobile wallpaper than let us know.

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Free Phone Wallpapers

January 5, 2009

Free Phone Wallpapers, Themes And Mobile Advice


Some time ago (many years) I got my first mobile phone (an old black and white nokia before the nokia 3315) and began to wonder what I could do to it to personalize it to my likings. Now I have an even bigger choice that extends to free phone wallpapers, free mobile games, applications and ringtones both polyphonic and realtones (mp3 , wma and real media files). I fell in love with all the big free phone wallpapers, games, application and ringtones websites like zedge, mobile9 and even those fantastic mobile phone review websites like immobile and CNet etc.


I started reviewing mobile phones a few years ago when I began to start buying them which is a hard choice based on compromise and price. These days you don’t have to compromise as much if not hardly any at all seeing that today’s modern cell phones come equipped with everything but the kitchen sink. Free phone wallpapers are my most sort after choice in cell phone accessories alongside themes which are the things you see the most and naturally want to change often to keep things interesting.


I go through stages really which result in me searching and or creating themes and free phone wallpapers of my favourite tv shows such as stargate sg1, atlantis and supernatural to name just a few of my theme and mobile wallpaper preferences. This usually results in me creating my own based on the lack, quality and screen resolution of my favourite free mobile wallpapers.